Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Dead man switches and British STK policy

In one of my earlier posts I ruminated about the possibility of a wireless heart monitor defeating the British shoot to kill policy. I am surprised that any shoot of kill policy can be used without martial law since Dead man's switches have been known since the industrial age began and have already appeared in suicide bombings according to Wikipedia. It would seem to me that this policy would have a remarkably low possibility of achieving success more than once. This policy that is now known to future terrorists will only ensure that eventually confrontations using lethal means will result in triggering of whatever explosive, chemical or biological weapon they have weaponized.

Entertainment sucks

Well it looks like Serenity has been "LEGO-ized" for the upcoming movie of the same name. I didn't realize that the series Firefly was so short, whoever was the corporate drone or hive that cancelled that show I hope you have golden parachutes for when you get canned.

It looks like Futurama is being raised from the dead to feed on delicious space braaiinnssss! The sales of the DVDs have put those cartoon dollar signs in front of the eyes of any swarmy Fox executive who has touched the right and true word of the quarterly report. I would like to hope that in the near future cartoons will become cheap enough to make that even 10k fans can keep a regular series afloat, as I am really getting sick of the Family Guy/Simpsons/American Dad schtick of a nuclear family gone whacky. Nuclear families do not go whacky.

Carless Cities

I have long been interested in the concept of a city without cars being that I am one of the worst male drivers out there; sorry women my sister's antics has ruined my opinion of all of you. A book called Carfree Cities has emerged from the well stocked shelves of the internet and has stirred up much emotion in regards to the prospect for me. Reading it from cover to cover I was amazed at how even the most simplest mode of transports would be radically changed by designing cities from a car free view. For instance how would you manage mail? Robots, pneumatic tubes or mail carriers all seem plausible in the scenario laid out with detailed discussions of each possibility.

With gas prices soaring out of control and biodiesel being called into question without radical changes in the way we raise the crops to produce it there may be little choice in the near future for advancing city type civilization without going car free.

Monday, August 22, 2005

List of Mi-6 Ops

Well looks like a list of Mi-6 operatives in the now familiar guise of ambassadors and embassy staff has been released by a claimant referring himself only as the moniker of "A". Hopefully this will be handled with less pomp and instead a good hard look into such circumstances that would lead to this happening so closely to the last breach in 1999. A culture of intelligence operatives should be more savvy about who knows this information and the dissemination of this knowledge in any condensed form should of had misinformation implanted in each recipient document and personalized to the receiver. A single name in some BFE country would not solicit much attention and could be randomly generated for each person easily with any proper document control software with support for versioning and scripts.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Last FM

Last FM, is more than one of those services that offers up a overwhelming array of similiar artists from your music collection as it offers up new human beings as well. From which I have taken similiar music preferences as a guide to new music. I have found some smashing new artists (to me) from Nick Drake to Jack Johnson. Happy Days!