Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Carless Cities

I have long been interested in the concept of a city without cars being that I am one of the worst male drivers out there; sorry women my sister's antics has ruined my opinion of all of you. A book called Carfree Cities has emerged from the well stocked shelves of the internet and has stirred up much emotion in regards to the prospect for me. Reading it from cover to cover I was amazed at how even the most simplest mode of transports would be radically changed by designing cities from a car free view. For instance how would you manage mail? Robots, pneumatic tubes or mail carriers all seem plausible in the scenario laid out with detailed discussions of each possibility.

With gas prices soaring out of control and biodiesel being called into question without radical changes in the way we raise the crops to produce it there may be little choice in the near future for advancing city type civilization without going car free.


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