Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Entertainment sucks

Well it looks like Serenity has been "LEGO-ized" for the upcoming movie of the same name. I didn't realize that the series Firefly was so short, whoever was the corporate drone or hive that cancelled that show I hope you have golden parachutes for when you get canned.

It looks like Futurama is being raised from the dead to feed on delicious space braaiinnssss! The sales of the DVDs have put those cartoon dollar signs in front of the eyes of any swarmy Fox executive who has touched the right and true word of the quarterly report. I would like to hope that in the near future cartoons will become cheap enough to make that even 10k fans can keep a regular series afloat, as I am really getting sick of the Family Guy/Simpsons/American Dad schtick of a nuclear family gone whacky. Nuclear families do not go whacky.


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